Corinne Beuzelin Autism Counselling


Are you newly diagnosed with being Autistic and need help to get your head around what it means for you ?

Are you looking for some coping strategies to help with anxiety, low confidence, executive functioning, socialising, friendships, communication and relationships ?

Are you wanting to talk about being Autistic with somebody non judgemental who understands Autistic traits ?

Are you looking for a therapist who will treat you as a person not a diagnosis ?

Are you a parent, spouse or carer looking for support with a loved one who is Autistic ? Do you want to talk about your experience without being judged ? Would you like some strategies to help your loved one ?

I have 20 years of personal and professional experience of Autism.

I specialise in Working with individuals from 18 years old. I also work with parents, partners, spouses and carers.

I also work with couples where one of both individuals are Autistics.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexel