Autism Counselling

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Individual counselling

When you have read my ‘about me’ page, you will understand why I have decided to specialise in Counselling Autistic clients and Counselling parents, carers and partners of Autistic individuals.

I am passionate about Autism acceptance.

Using my personal and professional experience, I aim to help you talk about and make sense of the feelings you may be experiencing which can be created by a new diagnosis or the daily difficulties of being Autistic.

Autism can make a person’s daily life a challenge. In a world where differences are still accepted with difficulty, feeling that your ‘don’t fit’ in can bring fear, isolation, bullying, low self-esteem and relationship issues. Talking about those feelings can help achieve resolutions. Exploring your strengths and your identity as an Autistic person is very important to well being and good mental health.

Often, Autistic people suffer from anxiety and OCD, eating disorders, depression, sleep disorders. Finding practical ways to manage these issues as well as talking about what you are experiencing will help you going forward.

It is said that ‘when you have met one person with Autism you have met one person with Autism’. I strongly believe this which is why I will respect you as an individual and not treat you like a diagnosis.

Parents, carers and spouses/partners

Finding out that your child, relative or partner has autism can be a confusing, scary and an isolating experience and can bring regular challenges. It can put a strain on daily living. Being able to talk honestly and without being judged about what you are going through can be helpful. Learning practical ways to communicate and support your love one can relieve some of the stress created by miscommunication and conflicts.

PLEASE NOTE : I am not qualified to give a diagnosis of Autism. I do not counsel individuals under 18.