Couple Autism Counselling

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There is no doubt that the male brain and the female brain work differently. Add to this the added different way of thinking of the Autistic mind and it is no wonder that a couple may struggle.

In therapy, it can be useful for both partners to work toward finding a common way of communicating, half way between Autism and Neurotypical. Even if both partners are Autistic they can think differently, just like a Neurotypical couple would.

For both individuals, to understand how the other person thinks and communicates and why they behave a certain way can make the difference between a happy relationship and a very discontent one.

Many couples that I see have tried couple counselling before but because of the poor knowledge of Autism, the therapist will have missed vital pieces of the interaction between the couple or why the Autistic partner may struggle to make some changes.

I can help you discuss these differences and difficulties in a neutral environment. I do not takes side but can see both side. My understanding of how Autism may affect the relationship is what ultimately makes the difference between classic couple counselling and what I offer.

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